The Rise of Male Liposuction

The Rise of Male Liposuction 

Male Liposuction Before and AfterThink cosmetic surgery is just for women? Think again. “According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012.” CG Cosmetic Surgery has certainly seen the increase of men coming to them for various popular cosmetic surgeries, to include abdominal and rhinoplasty surgeries. What’s the cause for the sudden need for plastic surgery from this demographic? Studies show that there a couple of different motivations driving otherwise normal men, living normal, non-celebrity lives to have plastic surgery. Below, we discuss the two driving forces, and also the most common of plastic  surgeries men are choosing.

Why Men Are Turning to Plastic Surgery

CG Cosmetic is seeing more and more men walk through the doors interested in plastic surgery, likely, the reason more men are choosing cosmetic surgery is for the same root reason than women always have, to look better in an aging body. The second layer of this, of course, is what a better-looking, more polished body actually gives them. First, it can give career professionals a leg up on their competition-unfortunately, it is just a basic instinct that the healthier, more fit, more good-looking will be a better and more successful choice for the job-in any  industry. Secondly, a man feeling better by having a six pack or a more chiseled face-as he starts to get older-helps psychologically in his entire life: feeling better about yourself, makes you more confident and able to follow your dreams, get that job, or take up that challenge.

The Most Common Surgeries Man Get

This will likely not come as a huge surprise, but still it is worth stating, as this new aspect of the market joins the playing field in cosmetic enhancement. Men over the past decade most often get liposuction as a number one choice (especially for the abdomen), as well as gynecomastia reduction, eyelid surgery, hair transplants, and rhinoplasty.

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