CG Cosmetic – Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - before

Images of a patient’s nose BEFORE rhinoplasty at CG Cosmetic.

Are you unhappy with your facial profile and looking to make a change?

The board certified surgeons at CG Cosmetic offer rhinoplasty procedures that can drastically improve the look of your nose.  The clinic boasts excellent results, a quick recovery time, and experienced surgeons that will leave patients satisfied with their results!

CG Cosmetic offers free consultations at their Miami facility to ensure patients meet certain criteria.

Ideal candidates must be at least 15 years old with a fully developed nose. They must also be in good physical and mental health, and willing to follow the pre- and postoperative care guidelines closely to avoid risk of complications.

The main goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to achieve balance between the nose and other facial features.

The procedure can correct a number of problems, including bumps, impressions, length, and nostril width. In addition to cosmetic issues, a rhinoplasty can also correct breathing problems due to a deviated septum. For minor aesthetic blemishes, the surgeons at CG Cosmetic may recommend a nonsurgical nose job, which involves injecting dermal filler.

Rhinoplasty - after

Image of the same patient’s nose AFTER undergoing a nose job at CG Cosmetic.

Open and closed rhinoplasty procedures are available at CG Cosmetic. During an open surgery, an incision is made between the nostrils on the outside of the nose.

In a closed procedure, the incisions are made inside the nose, which is where the surgery is performed. Either type of surgery can correct any undesirable feature.

After surgery, the patient will experience bleeding, swelling, and soreness, and should rest for two days. These side effects will decrease in the weeks following, but minor swelling may continue for months after.

While results of this procedure can take up to a year to fully appear, most patients are more than satisfied with their final results.

Contact CG Cosmetic at 305-446-7277 to set up a free consultation today! Consultations can be held at their state of the art Miami facility or can be arranged via Skype.

Learn more about CG Cosmetic and the procedures it offers on their page, or read patient reviews on YellowPages:

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