Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Questions

7 Important Questions to Ask at Any Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

The success of your cosmetic procedure begins with the success of your cosmetic surgery consultation. The first step to achieving your cosmetic goals is being prepared for the initial one-on-one conversation with your doctor.

Knowing what questions to ask beforehand will bring you better results, both before and after the surgery.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can and should ask regarding your personal situation, but there are a few key questions that everyone should ask to get the most out of their cosmetic surgery consultation. Knowing the answers to these “7” important questions will help you feel confident about choosing the right procedure with the right doctor.

  1. 7 Consultation questions to askIs the doctor Board Certified?Make sure the physician is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  2. How many operations has the doctor completed and completed successfully?Ask about the amount of experience the doctor has had with the particular surgery you are interested in. Have they come across any significant problems or risks you should be aware of? Or, have they done the procedure countless times with no major setbacks?
  3. What procedure does the doctor recommend for your particular situation/lifestyle?Let the doctor know what you are looking for and ask what he or she recommends will be the best possible option. Discuss your lifestyle and the goals you have and work together to find a procedure that will match up with your needs.
  4. Can I talk to previous patients about the surgery?Hearing the perspective of other patients who underwent the same procedure you are interested in can help you decide if the procedure is right for you. If you find that most patients were satisfied with the quality of the doctor’s work, it is likely you will experience similar results.
  5. Can I see before and after photos of previous operations?Listening to other patients’ stories is important, but seeing the physical results of their previous operations is essential. Looking at before and after photos will help you create an image in your head of what to expect with your own personal procedure.
  6. What is the total cost of time and money?Figure out what the average overall cost of the procedure will be, including any additional fees such as lab tests, anesthesia, operating room expenses, supplies, etc.Also, figure out how much of your personal time and effort is required throughout the process. Do you need to prepare in advance? How much time will it take you to recover and return to normal day-to-day activities?
  7. What happens after the surgery? Follow up?After you have gone through the surgery, it is important to keep in contact with your doctor to ensure everything went smoothly. Ask the doctor if they are readily available to you after surgery incase you have any follow up questions or concerns.

During your consultation, the most important thing it is that you feel comfortable and well-informed. If you are having even the slightest doubts, you may want to look elsewhere for another consultation.

CG Cosmetic offers free consultations for patients who want to find out more about specific procedures. Their board-certified surgeons are prepared to speak with patients about any questions or concerns they may have.

Take the first step in achieving your cosmetic goals by signing up for a free consultation today.

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